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It has been suggested that over 50% of network problems can be directly related to the infrastructure wiring, so accurate documentation should be one of the highest priorities within your business.

With the high dependence on network communications for daily operations, it is paramount to have a detailed documentation program in place. Physical layer components such as backbone cabling, horizontal cabling, patch panels and major ceiling pathways must all be labeled and documented for this reason. We implement scaleable labeling schemes that allow for future growth and comply with EIA/TIA-606-a administration standards.

At CommWave Networks, we offer a complete map of your network infrastructure that will enable staff to quickly respond to service tickets and conduct moves adds and changes (MAC) with greater efficiency. Upon completion of the project, detailed records of your unique installation are provided in a hard copy or digital format. Where required, all our installations are tested with level II or level III compliant testers to comply with TSB specifications.

We offer maintenance and support programs that can augment your staff with MAC work, trouble shooting, and management needed to keep your organizations network operating at optimum efficiency.

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