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CommWave Networks has developed a program to assist property owners, developers, and managers in utilizing advanced technology within buildings to increase property values, tenant revenue and retention rates.

Tenants are looking for a business environment equipped with state of the art technologies including voice, data, video and wireless technologies that will allow their organizations to operate with optimum performance and reliability. Technology advancements made recently in networking speeds have made many existing network infrastructures inadequate to handle the bandwidth requirements needed for today’s business applications (i.e. VoIP).

A building or office space equipped with advanced technology capabilities will attract high-end tenants and retain them longer. We can design and install a cost-effective technology solution that will maximize your return on investment while delivering an “advanced networked office” for your tenants prior to or after move in.

Telecommunication Riser Room Management

Telecommunication riser closets located throughout the facility remain in large part unmanaged by anyone. Various vendors are able to work in these rooms with no oversight program in place to ensure service reliability, cleanliness, manageability, and code enforcement. Without an oversight program in place to maintain these rooms, tenants are more likely to experience service interruptions from work associated within these areas. We offer a solution that maintains your telecommunications riser rooms so that your present and future tenants are assured of reliable communications service “twenty four seven”.

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Attract high-end tenants

Retain tenants longer

Increase price per
square foot revenues

Gain a significant marketing advantage
over other properties

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