CommWave Networks, Inc. is regional communications service contractor specializing in voice and data network infrastructures. We design, implement and support high quality standards based structured cabling systems in San Diego, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.

We serve a broad range of clients in commercial, educational and Healthcare Facilities with whom we have formed lasting relationships – enabling technology to transform the competitive landscape.

With the ability to maximize the return on investment (ROI) through improved efficiency, performance and consistent network uptime, CommWave Networks has built long-term strategic relationships for the following reasons:

  • Focusing on business requirements – Utilizing years of experience, our engineering team will assess your requirements through a detailed site survey. Our approach measures your immediate connectivity needs while planning for future growth through additional personnel and bandwidth requirements. Surveys take into account structural layouts, physical environments and applications being used. Our in depth site surveys allow you the benefit of knowing critical information upfront where an optimum solution can be engineered within your budget.


  • Dedicated Project Managers – Implementation of network infrastructures requires an experienced and knowledgeable Project Manager to ensure success at every level. Our committed Project Managers take ownership for all faucets of project design, procurement, testing and documentation to ensure that complete customer satisfaction is achieved before any project is turned over to the client.


  • Commitment to Quality – High quality structured cabling systems play a critical part in obtaining optimum efficiency, productivity and performance from your network. With the arrival of new technologies such as VoIP, streaming video and other multi media applications, the need for a high quality structured cabling solution is becoming a necessity as opposed to a luxury. Our clients repeatedly offer praise from the outstanding quality received while often giving referrals, which is how we obtain a majority of our clients.


“Superior performance can only be achieved with a high quality Network Infrastructure”

CommWave Networks, Inc. was formed due to a high demand for quality and knowledge in the design and installation of structured cabling systems. The performance of your overall network, whether it is voice, data or video can mean the difference between success and failure in today’s competitive business environment.

Technology is ever changing as new applications, data storage, and the ability to compete requires faster performance to compete in today’s flat world. Our in house RCDD/NTS professional will design a communications solution that will enable your organization to forge ahead with confidence.

CommWave Networks has always taken the viewpoint that every project is important and unique, often requiring a very specific solution for your business needs. Whether you are working to a tight schedule, where a pre-terminated solution will save on valuable labor time, or if your telecommunication room (TR) space is at a premium, and a wall-mount solution could save you valuable square footage, you can count on us to deliver the optimum solution.

Here at CommWave Networks, we value the importance of technical alliances to allow us to provide complete solutions and a single point-of-contact project manager for all our clients. With our technical alliances, we can support telephone systems, fire & security, multi-media, and electrical services.

As a member of BICSI and having a RCDD/NTS on staff, you can be assured of CommWave’s highest standards of professionalism and workmanship and most importantly, that your project will be delivered to your exact requirements, specifications, budget and time frame.