Network Design

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CommWave Networks understands that every client’s technology requirements are unique and must be specifically designed to fit your organizations needs. The process usually starts with collaborating with the owner and design team to ensure that the technology system designed will meet your network requirements with the systems being used.

With technology being a commodity for organizations today, a properly designed communications system that can deliver technology with efficiency is extremely critical to ensure high performance and maximize uptime.

Many organizations today have moved to an integrated network design. An integrated network incorporates all your voice, data, video, security and audio applications onto one network. Having an integrated network enables you to use the workstation outlet for any application needed creating a universal outlet. This will give you total flexibility with applications being used at the workstation while significantly cutting down on costly adds, moves and changes.

Our in house RCDD/NTS engineer will design a communications solution that will enable your organization to forge ahead with confidence that you have an optimum communications solution for the optimum price.

Network Design Capabilities

  • Prepare schematic designs
  • Define scope of work
  • Prepare construction schedule
  • Backbone routes & length limitations
  • Prepare link loss budgets
  • Strategic positioning of equipment &
  • telecom rooms within the facility
  • Humidity, temperature & flood alarms
  • Redundant paths for disaster recovery
  • Grounding & bonding protection
  • Equipment & telecom room design
  • Building pathway design
  • Fiber and copper separation in pathways for
  • Maximum protection
  • Assist in bidder’s evaluation
  • Assist in providing testing, inspection & commissioning requirements.

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