Understanding Security 

Complementing our structured cabling and AV systems are our security installations. We design and install the various manufacturers of security equipment – everything from Panasonic CCTV cameras to HID Global card access, to biometric security equipment.

Network Security

Another specialty under the low voltage umbrella is security systems. Security systems, audio visual, structured cabling, and phone systems all run on what’s called “low voltage.” It is obvious by its name to be “lower voltage” than standard – which would be electrical outlets you’d plug appliances into, for example.


Security systems today feature advanced features to authenticate users and give access to individuals from employees, to clients, and customers. You can setup permissions with many variables, allowing certain access to the building/room for only certain individuals, at certain times of the day. In addition, the authentication methods used today are more advanced than waving a key fob or card to gain entry to a room.

Network Design Security

Biometric security such as scanning the human eye, hand/fingerprint etc. is now used as a way to verify and authenticating users accessing the system. CommWave can help you through all of your options for security, and then proceed to run the cabling infrastructure as well.


CommWave can then tie in all of your low-voltage systems together, while providing your single point of contact for all low-voltage trades.

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