Equipment Relocation

CommWave has a relocation system that will help you

get set up in your new location.


CommWave Networks understands that every client’s technology requirements are unique and must be specifically designed to fit your organizations needs. The process usually starts with collaborating with the owner and design team to ensure that the technology system designed will meet your network requirements with the systems being used.

Equipment Relocation

Moving your business to a new location is often a complex and time-consuming project. With the chaos and excitement of relocating, we will take the responsibility in creating documentation and logistical procedures to ensure a successful move of vital network equipment.

At CommWave Networks, we will disconnect all equipment, package, move, setup and reconnect for minimal disturbance to your staff. We will test workstations, phones, printers, and various network components to ensure connectivity. Depending on the size and complexity of your organization, we usually can perform this over the weekend for minimal disturbance to operations.

We understand how important it is to have your employees back up and working quickly as if they never moved. We have helped many companies achieve success while decreasing stress.

Relocation Planning

  • Assign an internal manager (preferably from the IT Team) to co-ordinate this part of the move.
  • Source, meet, brief and get quotes from Managed Services Providers in your area.
  • Select & hire a Managed Services Provider
  • Communicate the move in date to your Managed Services Provider and confirm the move date.
  • Arrange a site visit of both locations with Managed Services Provider.
  • Contact all IT & telecom service providers and tell them when and where you are moving.
  • Inventory each piece of IT & Telecom equipment.
  • Inventory all IT & Telecom Service Agreements; who the service provider is and what you are paying for each service. 
  • If you are terminating service contracts with IT & Telecom vendors, ensure you give plenty of notice as some insist on a 12 month notice period.

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