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Fiber Optic Services

As Networks become larger and need to transmit higher rates of data with greater efficiency and security, fiber optic technology can offer the unlimited bandwidth potential needed. Whether it is used in the vertical backbone or to link buildings across a campus, optical fiber cabling delivers the optimum transmission capabilities needed for reliable and efficient communications.

Optical fiber cables use glass threads (fibers) to transmit voice, data and video. With advancements in laser technology and electronics, optical fiber cables can send and receive vast amounts of information far in excess of copper cabling. Not only do optical fiber cables have unlimited bandwidth in singlemode applications, it is also immune to EMI and RFI interferences.

This level of protection is increasingly more important with the use of higher gigabit speeds that operate at very high frequencies, producing much more SNR (signal to noise ratio) or interference which can cause havoc on network communications.

Whether you need a multimode fiber for shorter distances or singlemode fiber for longer distances, we can design and install an optimum solution tailored for your network requirements.

  • Multimode cable, OM1, OM2, OM3
  • Singlemode cable, OS1, OS2
  • Tight buffer for inside plant
  • Loose tube for outside plant
  • Fiber to the desk (FTTD)
  • ST, SC, MTRJ, LC terminations
  • Designed by RCDD/NTS
  • Link-loss budgets performed
  • Fusion & mechanical splices
  • End to end labeling
  • Testing & documentation

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“CommWave Networks offers high quality with unmatched service. Their skilled technicians, pro-active approach, and competitive pricing make CommWave an extreme pleasure to work with. I recommend them highly to anybody requiring voice or data network cabling”

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Hitachi Data Systems

“CommWave delivered a high-quality cabling system far exceeding our expectations. They were professional, reliable and efficient while staying in our tight budget. I would strongly recommend them to any organization in need of their services”

Sarah H.


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