Phone Systems

CommWave designs and installs phone systems – both traditional and the newer IP based phone systems. Brands installed include Panasonic, Avaya, Shoretel, NEC, Toshiba and Mitel, Nortel, etc.

Phone systems now a days are more complicated then ever. In the “old days” a phone system was nothing more than a system of phones tied together with the single purpose of making phone calls or using the intercom function for users to talk back and forth.

Nowadays, with the introduction of Unified Communications, when somebody calls you and it goes to voicemail, the phone system can send an email to your email address with an attachment that is the audio from the voice mail. In other words, instead of having to call into your office phone line to check voice mail, with IP based phones you can set it up to receive an email and check your voicemails on the go.

This feature can be a big time saver and a nice convenience, especially for those of us that travel a lot. There are considerations of internet bandwidth with IP based phones, and this is something we can discuss at our initial meeting with you.